Noni Plant

It is useful for wide range of Maladies. It is a small medium-sized evergreen tree with a pantropical distribution. Tahitian healers used Noni as a medicinal plant.

Noni fruit /Noni fruit benefits/ Noni fal/ Noni Berry/where is noni found
History of Pacific islanders southern and Southeast Asia tells that this was used by them as a food. Noni fruit is so beneficial for health that it can cure all types of disease. It smells medicinal. It has a very strong smell. Before 300 years people have been using this fruit
In India it is grown near the sea coast of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat

Are noni leaves edible?

Noni /Noni leaves benefits/ Noni leaf uses /Noni leaf health benefits
Noni leaves were eaten both RAW and cooked form in Java and Thailand.
Tea made from Noni leaves improve the digestive system.
Cover the painful part or area of body with noni leaves it will reduce the pain

Noni a popular health beaverage originated from tropics. It is also known as Morinda Citrifolia, Indian Mulberry, beach Mulberry, cheese fruit, headache tree, great morinda, beach mulberry, cheese fruit, headache tree, great morinda, hag apple, achbali, aak, lade. This fruit is like potato shape. Chinese use this fruit maximum because they know it’s benefits.

Noni when to eat

Retrotongans ate the fruit often Australian Aborigines ate Noni fruit during cool dry season from May to August

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