Vedroop Noni Juice treats constipation.

1) Noni fruit is rich in fibre and fluid. Eating more fibre and fluid rich food helps in treating constipation.

2) It increases the physical stamina of people which makes them active, as a result helps in constipation.

3) Older people become less active there metabolism, muscle contraction and digestion slows down. Drinking Noni juice can help overcoming this problem

4) Too much stress is also one of the cause of constipation. Noni is an anti stress food this helps in treating constipation.

5) Any disease which affects the brain and spine such as Parkinson’s disease is also one of the cause of constipation.

6) Some ailments like diabetes slows down the rate of metabolism. Noni fruit works for the treatment of both slow metabolism and diabetes.

7) Noni treat problems related to hormonal imbalance. thus constipation caused due to imbalance of estrogen and progesterone hormone can be treated by regular consumption of noni fruit juice.

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