Noni Juice for heart

Vedroop Noni Juice for heart

Vedroop Noni juice for heart

  • Noni juice lowers the bad cholesterol level and keep the heart healthy.
  • It increases the good cholesterol.
  • It helps to protect the blood lipid arteries.
  • It increases the blood flow in the arteries which regulates the blood pressure also.
  • It reduces the stress hormone cortisol from the body.
  • It is also good for brain health.
  • Noni also reduces the stress.
  • Flow of potassium in and out of heart cells help regulate the Heartbeat. If the level of Potassium is low in the body it can cause arrhythmia or serious heart condition.
  • Noni juice has sufficient potassium which protects the heart from irregular heartbeat.
  • It is rich in antioxidants that protects strongly against cardiovascular disease.
  • It lowers coronary risk.
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