Noni Juice Cures Asthma, Lung infection, Cold, Cough

Noni improved asthma, lung infection, cold, cough- Deficiency of potassium in the body can cause improper contraction and expansion of lungs which results in shortness of breath, which results in improper heartbeat, which means less blood will be pumped from heart to rest of the body.

Blood provides oxygen to the body, which can cause insufficient oxygen to the cells and body parts.

Also deficiency of potassium may stop the lungs form from working properly.

Noni is a good source of potassium which makes lungs strong because of oxidative stress, acute respiratory distress syndrome is developed. Noni juice constitutes of high amount of antioxidants since it is rich in vitamin C, E.

Increase in antioxidants in the body helps to treat lung and respiratory problems
Reduction of pain-
Traditional names for Noni in the Caribbean was painkiller.
It is scopolitin, that is why it is a pain reliever

Noni improves sleep, it reduces stress on our cognitive function

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