Noni fruit | Noni fruit benefits | Noni fal | Noni Berry

Noni fruit /Noni fruit benefits/ Noni fal/ Noni Berry

History of Pacific islanders southern and Southeast Asia tells that this was used by them as a food. Noni fruit is so beneficial for health that it can cure all types of disease. It smells medicinal. It has a very strong smell. Before 300 years people have been using this fruit.

In India it is grown near the sea coast of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat.

Where is Noni fruit found- Noni fruit is found in South East Asia, South Asia and Australia and Pacific Islands of India.

It usually grows near Lava flows. South American countries. It is found near the sea coast below 25 degree Celsius temperature.

Concentrated Noni-
Tahitians prepared Noni fruit juice from Noni puree and mixed with grapefruit and Blueberry to decrease the cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides.

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